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While many artists were drawing in childhood, music and poetry were my mediums for self-expression.


I began to paint in my mid-forties. Before that I was completely convinced my artistic talent peaked with the drawing of stick people. In reality, the deepest part of who I am peeked out from its hiding place the day I finally began teaching myself to draw and paint. A magic kingdom within, suddenly revealed.


Another door within opened the first time I painted fur touching skin (Girl With Fur Hat).  Painting moments when humans connect with something wild has now become the work of my heart.

I paint mostly from reference photos, drawing detailed sketches before any mixing of oils begins. I love the capacity for softening and blending that oils allow.

My second passion is experimenting in mixed media. I’m especially drawn to the tactile mediums of fabric and clay. Mixed media tends to stimulate pieces steeped in symbolism.

Continuously pushing myself to stretch and grow has now led me to study the art of illustration, with the intent of one day illustrating my own picture books.

About the Artist

As an artist I create harbors. In a world of stimulating overload, I find stillness has become an elusive piece of golden and I challenge myself to play a part in its recovery.

"Divining" | Oil on Canvas | © Marg Wolf

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